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State of mobile app development (November 2015 edition)

Wait a second… Who am *I* to give the “state of” an entire industry? Well, I’m nobody – but I am pretty familiar (at the coding level) for all of the relevant technologies, and I have come to an extremely

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Handling multi-select lists in WP8

In Windows Store apps, there is a control called a GridView, which supports multi-select. That is, you can click and select multiple items in the grid, these are your .SelectedItems. For example: Well, in Windows Phone I wanted to accomplish

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Using a base class with XAML custom user controls

Here is another thing which took some time to research, so I wanted to write it down. In this case, I have a Windows Store 8.1 page, which has a GridView. I want to centralize the look/feel of the items

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Using static and theme resources in Windows 8.1 XAML

Well, this stopped me up for a few days so I thought I’d write down the answer – which was surprisingly subtle! The Problem:You are using Visual Studio 2013 to create a Windows 8.1 Store App. You want to create

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