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New Github and Nuget Package: Division42.Data.Repository.EntityFramework

OK, this is it! If you are a developer and have talked to me about a relational database in the past year or two, you no doubt have heard my long-winded speeches on how I like the “Repository Pattern” on

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Unit testing async/await with VS2012 and later

Leave it to me to try the most complex solution first, and then later realize there was a far easier way to do it! OK, so I’m trying to develop a higher-quality version of an OWIN provider to work with

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New GitHub and NuGet package: Division42.Data-PCL

Ever since Xamarin 3 came out, several of us have been looking at ways to streamline the somewhat-painful task of writing apps for multiple platforms. Sure, Xamarin makes it so you can write C# code and deploy to Win8, WP8,

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MongoDB ASP.NET Membership Provider and Repository

I’m continuing to plug along on my little project. One of the decision points I had was: should I handle authentication and authorization with a standard SQL server (since that is built-in, with the ASP.NET Provider Model) – and then

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My take on aspConf 2012 – Day 1

I attended yesterday for Day 1, and will again today for Day 2 of 2. There were a LOT of interesting sessions. However, I think they have too many tracts. They have SIX rooms running simultaneously. Of those, you

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Unit testing against a rigid, closed design

I mentioned in a previous post about how one might unit test a class that uses MessageBox.Show – a UI element that requires interaction. We discussed using a delegate to “swap out” the implementation after-the-fact. Ideally, if functionality is written

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Unit testing a MessageBox.Show

I have an extension method that does a .ToMessageBox(..). As you might imagine, when I try to test this with a unit test, it pops up a message box and hangs the unit test framework until I click OK. This

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