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What I learned from bringing an AngularJS app to production

A couple of months ago, I was innocently asked by co-worker, author, F# MVP and all-around-nice-guy, Jamie Dixon if I wanted to participate in a work-based hackathon for the weekend. I naively said “sure!” Well, we ended up winning 1st

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Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) vs custom code. Build vs Buy (Oct 2015 Edition)

NOTE: This is not a sponsored post. These opinions are my own, based on my own research and testing! There was the olden days of websites and mobile technology. There were proprietary silos of technology. Then, there was an awkward

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More on my Mongo repository pattern

OK, so it turns out I missed something yesterday. It’s somewhat subtle, but it likely would’ve turned into a headache if the system was under any load. The problem was I was doing a .GetAll() whenever I needed to apply

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Dig into NoSql with MongoDB

It took a long time, but a fundamental change has happened with how we store data. In fact, it is the definition of a “paradigm shift”. If you’ll bear with me, let me give some background and I’ll explain why

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MongoDB ASP.NET Membership Provider and Repository

I’m continuing to plug along on my little project. One of the decision points I had was: should I handle authentication and authorization with a standard SQL server (since that is built-in, with the ASP.NET Provider Model) – and then

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Taking Professional Development to the Next Level

If you are a .NET developer, this blog post is my challenge to you. We live in a time where we can do very powerful things with very little money. However, this does require an investment in time. What are

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UIHint, DisplayTemplates, and EditorTemplates in MVC

I’ve been doing a good amount of programming lately, but I haven’t been good about writing down what I’ve been learning! Worse, is I should be writing down things that I keep forgetting – like this topic, today: how to

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