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New Github and Nuget Package: Division42.Data.Repository.EntityFramework

OK, this is it! If you are a developer and have talked to me about a relational database in the past year or two, you no doubt have heard my long-winded speeches on how I like the “Repository Pattern” on

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MongoDB ASP.NET Membership Provider and Repository

I’m continuing to plug along on my little project. One of the decision points I had was: should I handle authentication and authorization with a standard SQL server (since that is built-in, with the ASP.NET Provider Model) – and then

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Unit testing against a rigid, closed design

I mentioned in a previous post about how one might unit test a class that uses MessageBox.Show – a UI element that requires interaction. We discussed using a delegate to “swap out” the implementation after-the-fact. Ideally, if functionality is written

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Unit testing a MessageBox.Show

I have an extension method that does a .ToMessageBox(..). As you might imagine, when I try to test this with a unit test, it pops up a message box and hangs the unit test framework until I click OK. This

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The Microsoft Unity Application Block

So at work, we’re talking about which products we would need along with Visual Studio 2010. Now that we’re all doing unit testing, the need for a mocking framework and DI container now is starting to become more important. In

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