netdata: Web-based Performance Monitoring for Linux

Co-worker Stephen pointed me in the direction of this “netdata” open source project, located here: Rather than trying to explain what it is first, it might be easier for you to just navigate here and be blown-away first!


So what this is, is a lightweight, but very rich and robust, web-based performance monitoring tool – for Linux. I say for Linux because I don’t believe it is currently set up to run any anything.

Installation on Linux (and Raspberry Pi!):
This is compelling to me because it’s very quick and easy to install and it runs on everything. You run a few commands, and then you navigate to and voila, you see the same kind of dashboard above, except for your system!

So, to install on any Linux system – including (I tested on) Raspbian for Raspberry Pi and Banana Pi – just follow the instructions from there:

Installation on Ubuntu, on Windows?!:
After the Windows 10 anniversary update, there is now an Ubuntu Linux subsystem that runs within Windows 10. It’s not exactly full-blown Ubuntu, but it’s got most things you’d expect, including “apt-get”. So, I thought: why not give it a shot?

Sure enough, it installed just like normal, following the same link as above!

The one “gotcha” here though is that it only shows processes from the perspective of this Ubuntu subsystem. So, it’s not a complete system monitor – but it does technically work!

Bottom Line:
If you have a Raspberry PI project – or any other Linux systems that you’d want to monitor the performance, this tool is easy and quick to install and has a ridiculously powerful and beautiful dashboard to show you all of the details!

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