A few updates…

Hey, it’s been a long time! Well, after 10 years (to the day) of being a specialist with the Microsoft .NET technology, I decided it was time to move on. So, i accepted a new position, being more of a generalist, and more on the infrastructure and devops side of things. In my new role, I’m digging into Docker, Puppet, dotnet Core, and Infrastructure as code (IaC) – which includes pretty cool technologies for automating provisioning, and integrating with cloud providers like Amazon and Azure. So that is keeping me busy and I’m having a lot of fun, trying to automate things along the way too.

As for the state of this blog, I expect things to more or less stay the same. Despite me being a .NET specialist by day, my blog posts have covered a wide array of technologies. I suspect that since I’m not doing software development during the day anymore, I will likely be doing much more of that in my free time. So ironically, this blog may end up covering a lot more development items now, instead of infrastructure! I guess I need the 60/40 balance – whatever I’m not-doing during the day, I do in my free time.

Immediately in the future, I have a few web/mobile projects that I’m motivated to work on – likely using a Backend as a Service for the backend. For the front-ends, those will likely be Angular and Bootstrap, and for the mobile side, I want to give Xamarin a go, now that it’s free. Specifically, I want to see how far I can get with Xamarin.Forms to build out a companion app and release that on each app store.

As far as infrastructure stuff, that will be much more difficult to blog about. At work, we’re using all expensive, pay-products, including Red Hat – so I can’t really do any of those things in my homelab, therefore I can’t easily blog about them.

Lastly, I have a couple of quick updates:

Update the 1st: I have since updated my Linux “update.sh” script, which goes and updates/upgrades all of the packages installed on a Debian-based Linux distribution. It now detects if a reboot is required and only prompts you if it is required. You can see the blog post here and the updated script here.

Update the 2nd: I have since updated my Conky desktop to be a little more refined, and show a bit more detail. you can see that blog post here and the updated .conkyrc file here.

Conky Screenshot


That’s about it for now. Now that I’m somewhat settled into the new position, I’d like to get back into a semi-regular routine with blogging. Like before, I don’t like to blog just to put something out, instead I like to share something when it’s interesting. And I should have some interesting things coming down the pipe! The RobbyTron2000 is back online!

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3 comments on “A few updates…
  1. muni says:

    Great Rob! Finally you are back….


  2. muni says:

    Great Rob! Finally you are back…. 🙂


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