Resetting a VM password in Azure

I had another catastrophic issue with my main workstation yesterday: it failed to boot after I installed a bunch of updates. It kept failing with INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE. Ugg. This resulted in my re-installing WIndows 8.1. I have things situated such that I don’t keep anything critical on my C-Drive, and I can quickly get my basic setup back up and running pretty quickly. So, although I could’ve troubleshot for longer, I just decided to re-install.

However, there are those little things that pop up… the things you forget about.

I went to go log into my Azure virtual machine. I have one machine that hosts this website, along with several others, and a few databases. For the past year(?) I’ve just opened Remote Desktop and the password was “remembered”. So, I went to log in today and despite my best efforts – apparently forgot the password!

This is really bad because there is basically one account that gets me into this Virtual Machine. If I’m locked out, I’m locked out of all of this stuff I have hosted on this machine!

I don’t really like this from a security perspective, but the Azure console, you can reach INTO the Virtual Machine and reset the password. This is only available from the NEW portal. From the Virtual Machine screen:

  1. Click the Settings tab along the top
  2. Click on Password Reset
  3. Type in the account name, and set a new password
  4. Click Reset Password

Here is a screenshot:


So, just for-your-information in case you lock yourself out of an Azure VM. This isn’t available in the old/current portal, it’s only in the new portal.

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