Using Windows 10 on Mac OS with Parallels 9

First, “Why aren’t you using Parallels 10?” you ask. On principle, really. This is NOT $79 software. The price, offends me. It’s not even about the money – if I was a billionaire, I would still struggle to pay the $79 for Parallels because it’s simply not worth that price. This is just typical for Apple, you have a software maker who charges this much because they can – and it irks me to no end!!!

*takes a deep breathe*

ANYhow, so there was a sale on NewEgg for Parallels 9 which was $15, after using a coupon code (thanks, Bernardo!). In fact, it’s back to $30 at the moment, which isn’t half-bad. So, I picked up a copy for my Mac – so that I could run virtual machines a little better than with Virtual Box.

“Aww, what’s in the box?”
This is sort of funny – they shipped a box, as pictured – but it just had a card in it with the serial number. No media; no DVD! It’s weird that they don’t just offer the serial number electronically? It seems silly to wait a week and ship a box through the mail – which simply has a number written on it!

The “what’s in the box?” reference (NSFW language)

The settings for Windows 10 to work on Parallels 9
I tried several settings – and the particular set below is what consistently makes the virtual machine work fine for the Windows 10 technical preview (build 10074, as of this writing).

I mean that I otherwise ran into errors of Windows 10 hanging on boot-up, sometimes the Start menu wouldn’t work (but other things did), and many core Windows features were broken. For example, if you right-clicked on the desktop and chose Personalize, it would give a registry error.

So, the settings below are what worked for me. There certainly might be other configurations that work too – but this is at least one configuration that seems to consistently work.




Unless noted above, I took the default settings for “Other Windows” when setting up the virtual machine. Again, this works consistently on my particular Mac.

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