My action item list from Build 2015

As you likely know, today was the first today of Microsoft Build 2015 (you can go here to find sessions, and here to watch the sessions – usually available the next morning). I’ve been catching as much content as I can. I’m sure the following days AND the Ignite conference next week will have more details – but I saw enough today to get an idea of what I likely need to work on.

With that said, here are the things I’m going to systematically work through in the coming weeks/months. These are all things I’m not too familiar with.

  • Visual Studio Code – this is the idea of a very slim “Visual Studio” running on Mac OS and Linux. As of today this is ONLY for ASP.NET 5 web projects. Since you can’t create a new project, you need one to start with. If you want, I created an empty ASP.NET 5 WebAPI template here. For each machine where you want to try it, from a command line, run “git clone“ to grab it and download it to a subdirectory, then you can point the tool at it. I spent a little time on this today.
    • For Ubuntu, you MUST use the default Unity window manager (it doesn’t work with XFCE, for example). Also, I get errors that it needs Mono 3 – but I don’t know how to properly install that. So, I’m dead in the water (for now).
    • For Mac OS, it installed and worked fine. To actually run an app though, you have to go through these steps, then you should be able to follow the steps here. Even then though, I get an error that “app.js” cannot be found. So, I’m dead in the water (for now).
  • ASP.NET 5 – I’ve been avoiding this because it looks like a big mess. I was hoping they would clean up some of the ideas as they were figuring it out, but they haven’t… at all. ASP.NET v5 looks very unappetizing, convoluted, and confusing. For example, there is no less than TWO different config files and one code file that you have to manage to get your app working. Despite my disagreement with the direction of this platform, this technology is the future, so I guess we HAVE to learn it – right?
  • Docker – this is a product I’ve heard mentioned many times over the past several months, but I thought it was one of a 1,000 random technologies that pop-up, and then go away. However, the keynote today told me that Microsoft is “all in” with Docker. What is it? I’m not exactly sure. However, from what I gather (see here), it’s an application “bubble” for web apps, they call it a “container”. You can use any technology (.NET, PHP, Node.js, Python, etc) and create a Docker container. That container, or app bubble will run on any platform that supports Docker – which is: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and most cloud services too. That means you could run any web technology, in a container, on virtually any server or cloud technology. There’s obviously a learning curve here, but this is something to get current on!

So, as far as Microsoft technologies, this is what I got out out of the first day of Build 15. I mean, there was more – but this is what I feel is relevant to my career and professional path at the moment. I’ll see if anything else pops up, but these seem to be the most relevant concepts for me.

What about you? What piqued your interest from today? Leave a comment, below!

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