Staying current with Windows 10 builds

I kept noticing other people had screenshots, or were referencing much later builds of Windows 10 than what I had. I would go to Windows Update on my VM and it would say that I was current.

However, there is another place to look. I don’t have a screenshot available of where it is in older builds – but go into the Windows “Settings” app, not the old-fashioned Control Panel, but the newer “Settings”:


In the older builds, it looked different, but from the Settings app, if you can find the Windows Update in there, you will see some options around getting new builds, go into Advanced options:


and you’ll see something like this:


If you set this Preview Builds option to “Fast”, you’ll get updates more often and stay current with the latest builds. Why would you want to? Well, there have been some pretty significant changes with each major release they’ve done.

As of this writing, Build 9926 is the latest:


What version of the Windows 10 preview are you evaluating?

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