Laptop Data Center: Part 1 Setting up Hyper-V

This post is part of a series – you can find the start and a link to the other sections from this post.


The idea here is that for developers and other IT professionals alike, there is a very powerful technology available to you that very people leverage. That is the idea that you can easily host several virtual machines on your laptop. In fact, you can host servers, run active directory, install several different distributions of Linux, etc.

You might think this isn’t practical, but with RAM being super-cheap, and Solid State States now becoming reasonable – you might be extremely shocked to see that you can run several virtual machines and you will see completely reasonable performance! Well, to set your expectations – I mean, you shouldn’t expect to put a production load on – but for your testing, or for bringing up a sandbox, you will find that your laptop is likely more than enough.

In this part of the series, I took my fresh “special projects” machine, enabled Hyper-V, configured it, and then installed Windows 10. This is a longer video (~:17 minutes), but the initial setup does take the longest.

The intention is that you don’t know anything about Hyper-V going in, and by the end though, you should have a good idea of how this works and how you can turn your laptop into your own private data center.

Or the direct link to the video is here:

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