My first impressions of Windows 10

As you might have heard, Microsoft opened up a “technology preview” at – anyone can signup, and download a pre-beta version of the upcoming Windows 10 (they are going from Windows 8.1 to 10).

If you are MSDN subscriber, then you can just down the .iso from regular software downloads page. So, what is new in Windows 10?

The Start button is back:
This is probably the biggest news. It also looks like the original tile screen is gone – I couldn’t find a way to enable that or show it, so I assume it’s gone? Now, the bottom left start button gives you access to the traditional desktop apps and the new Windows Apps:


Right-clicking the start button gives you a similar menu to Windows 8.1:


Multiple “Desktops”:
This was always possible with 3rd-party products, but now it’s built-in. You can have multiple “workspaces” open, and then switch between then with that little button in the taskbar, on the left – to the right of the search icon:


Sizable “App” windows:
In Windows 8.x, Windows Store apps run in full-screen. Now, they have a title bar and are sizable, just like regular windows:


Since there is no more “charms” on the right margin, you access those now via that “…” menu, which shows you the options for that particular app.

Flatter-looking UI:
This is purely cosmetic, but it looks a little more precise with simpler iconography and fewer 3D edges – like for Desktop, Home, This PC, etc:


How to test the new Windows:
This is a great example of how to use Hyper-V in Windows 8.x. I don’t want to install this new “preview” version of Windows on my workstation, so I just downloaded the .iso file (which is a DVD image), and I created a new virtual machine in Hyper-V, on my Windows 8.1 workstation:


and then I have this new operating system available to me in a window, on my Windows 8.1 workstation:


then, when I’m done I can just shutdown the VM and delete the files:



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One comment on “My first impressions of Windows 10
  1. Binoj Daniel says:

    I agree the most anticipated integrated start button is back.


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