Info: Running MongoDB on a Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry PI device runs an ARM processor, common more to cell phones and tablets. MongoDB is compiled on, and mostly built around Intel/AMD x86 architecture – like your Windows or Mac. So, as of this writing there isn’t an official release of MongoDB for the Pi. There are only Intel/AMD versions available.

However, there are a few different “hobbyist” builds of Mongo out there for Pi, here are the posts I found:

All of these seem like one-off solutions and are not proper open-source. So, I didn’t want to pursue any of these. From various blog posts, you can’t simply pull down the MongoDB source and compile because there are big vs little endian byte order issues, so it won’t compile for an ARM processor without modification.

So – at this time, I won’t do much experimenting with MongoDB on PI. If you want to though, the links above seem to the best starting places.

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