Either Windows 8.1 or my SSD failed catastrophically!

I have lost significant faith in my main computer!

I just re-installed Windows 8.1 several days ago and everything has been going great! This morning though, it wanted to reboot after some Windows Updates. When I went to reboot, I got the Windows 8 boot/blue screen giving me a STOP 0x600000e – could not find winload.exe

It wouldn’t let me continue, it wouldn’t let me  try to recover, it wouldn’t let me do F8 on bootup, etc – I couldn’t do anything! I tried putting in the Windows 8.1 DVD and my only option was to completely re-install Windows. Since I don’t keep much on my C: drive, I was fine with that. However, when I went to do that – I couldn’t remove the existing partitions or install over the current installation. It kept saying that the drivers was missing for the hard drive and that it couldn’t continue.

Zoom ahead after several attempts to correct this, I was able to remove the old partitions, but couldn’t create new partitions. Again, after a couple of reboots it worked for some reason, and installed Windows 8.1 again.

My first thought was that my SSD has failed. However, after I got the OS back up, I installed the Intel Solid State Drive Toolbox and it says it’s fine.


I’m not sure what to think now. I don’t know why this catastrophically-failed. I don’t know how to fix it if it happens again. Worst though, I’m very hesitant to trust this machine or accidentally have anything on the C: drive in case this happens again!

Maybe I should get a new drive to rule that out? I’m not sure yet…

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