Pro Tip: Don’t use Network Solutions anymore.

I usually try to keep things positive. This post isn’t really about bashing Network Solutions, but one needs to draw a line in the sand, and as a long-time customer, I wanted to share what I’ve learned.

There used to be a time when Network Solutions was the go-to, professional domain registrar. I’ve had all of my domains through them for many, many years now. Over time, the quality has gotten noticeably and progressively worse. Today is my last straw.

First, when you log in, there is nothing but spam, misleading ads, and tricky buttons EVERYWHERE. It just feels like a slimy malware site. This is the “Account Manager” screen. This isn’t the main sales screen or anything like this, this is the screen you see when you’re already giving them money and simply want to edit your domain settings:


Every click and on EVERY screen, you have to be extremely careful to not click on the wrong, misleading button so that you don’t open a sales/malware site which harasses you. It’s like walking across a minefield!

Now, when I say “misleading” – isn’t that a strong word? You tell me.

Let me give you an example. I recently set up my website, and for BizSpark, I needed a valid email address. Since Google and Microsoft no longer offer free e-mail hosting, I figured I’d sign up for one month of e-mail hosting with Network Solutions, using their “nsMail Pro”. After BizSpark is setup, you can move your domain e-mail to Office365 (which is REALLY nice, by the way!)

During the setup of nsMail Pro, I explicitly set it up to NOT auto-renew. However, I saw the “Auto-Renew” was set to “Yes” after I ordered it. So, I click the checkbox next to that domain, and click “Edit Auto Renew”. The screen flashes and comes back to the same page. I say “What the?”. I click the checkbox and click “Edit Auto Renew” and it happens again.

This time, I hover over the “Edit Auto Renew” button and this is what I see, “Turn on Auto Review for Selected Email(s)”:


Do you consider this to be misleading?

So, to the professional company, Network Solutions, they consider it ethical and appropriate to label a button “Edit Auto Renew”, and what they really does is irreversibly turn ON auto-renew… and there is no way to turn it off. So, I had to call them. I was on hold for :47 minutes. FORTY SEVEN minutes on hold, in the year 2014!

They claimed to have cancelled the service, but says it takes 8-10 business days to take affect. In the year 2014, it takes 8-10 business days to turn off an electronic service?

Bottom line, I no longer have ANY trust in this company. Every aspect feels like I’m dealing with a shady used-car salesman. The website is trying to trick me at every turn: I don’t know if a button is for Network Solutions, or a button which brings me to some 3rd-party site. Then, even when I do buy a service from them, they try to scam me into auto-renewing and hope that I won’t have the patience to sit on hold for :47 minutes to cancel it?

So – it’s my professional recommendation to not use Network Solutions anymore. I’ve open to any suggestions about good domain registrars. If there is a good quality, professional one out there – please let me know, I’d love to get my domains transferred out of this place!

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