ASP.NET vNext & Visual Studio 14 CTP First Impressions

Well, like it or not, Microsoft technology is changing again… and drastically! Apperently everything we know about postback ASP.NET, MVC, and WebAPI are going away and being replaced with what’s being called “ASP.NET vNext”. Here is a great summary:

Getting Started with ASP.NET vNext and Visual Studio “14”

So, I spun up my sandbox Win8 machine and installed the VS2014 CTP. I thought I’d jot down some of the things I saw. First, when you do File –> New Project, you see some different options:


and by the way, I’m still noticing that F# is not a first-class-citizen yet with web stuff either. There are no web project templates – but apparently that is coming at some point:


So – back to C#, when I created a new project, a couple things jumped out at me. First, you get a good welcome screen which has links on how to do various things:


Also, sure enough, there are JSON config files in the root of the project now too:


The MVC part of this seems to be just like it was in terms of the Views and folder structure, but the MVC controller actions now return an interface instead of a concrete implementation, which is nice:


Meanwhile the AccountController, Models, and all the related “identity” stuff is still really bad. It’s a shame that this approach they promote is still in this shape, as it’s really, really bad. Completely unusable, in my opinion.

The project properties window has changed quite a bit (to say the least!):


Could this be bad? I can’t set up Code Analysis and it doesn’t seem to run across this project type. I also cannot have pre and post build events. There is no more web.config either!

Think about what is in a web.config: authentication, authorization, custom errors, handlers, modules, etc, etc… Guess we’ll have to look into how you do all those things now.

Anyhow – those were all the obvious things that jumped out at me. What about you? Run across anything controversial in Visual Studio “14” CTP?

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