OWIN and Katana for ASP.NET

If you’re like me, you keep hearing these two words floating around. Then, when you try to read about what they are you just find blah-blah-blah and nothing clear. Well, I finally found a good video that explains what these are, and why you may need to care:

This is a talk given by Brock Allen. Here is the short version:

OWIN – is a Open Web Interface for .NET, and is a standard interface for .NET to interact with a hosting system (like IIS). It’s much more generic than System.Web and replaces System.Web. For a “server” to host ASP.NET content, it need only implement an OWIN server. This creates much more flexibility for hosting .NET apps.

Katana – is Microsoft’s implementation of OWIN. It is a framework that let’s you build ASP.NET applications which will work with an OWIN-compliant server. This is what ASP.NET natively does now.

Why should I care? Well, it’s just important to note a few things:

  • In the past, ASP.NET was getting huge, slowing down, and becoming more monolithic. Now, ASP.NET is breezy and lightweight – and just needs OWIN.
  • System.Web can now be retired.
  • If you were using the ASP.NET Provider Model for authentication and authorization – that was part of System.Web, and they are now gone/going-away.

I am still reading on that last point and will do another blog post once I have gathered up some more facts. In the meantime, hopefully this sheds a little better light on what these are – in case you need to care and in case this affects you!

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