iOS 7.1 and battery life

When the iOS 7.1 release came out a couple weeks ago, I didn’t notice anything new or shiny, but I did notice a DRAMATIC difference in battery usage. I didn’t document it or analyze it, but off-hand I would guess that the battery drained perhaps 2x or 3x faster than before. Worse, it would take many, many hours to recharge the battery. I mean like, 8+ hours to fully recharge from 30%!

Well, I was reading how some people said to “reset” the iPad/iPhone back to default or do a full restore from iTunes. In my case, it’s an iPad and I can very quickly get back to my normal mode – so I reset it.

It really does seem to make a difference! It’s charging way, way faster than it was. And the discharge seems to be about back to how it was before. So, if you’re seeing the new 7.1 upgrade kill the battery life on your iPhone or iPad, you might consider resetting it back to factory defaults, and then move back into the device.

Just FYI!

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