Getting MonoGame working with Visual Studio 2013

When I first started dabbling with XNA and MonoGame, all the documentation and content on PluralSight was based around Visual Studio 2010. So, I set that up, just so I can get it working.

Well, since I had to rebuild my machine a couple of days ago, I’d like to get just this working on VS2013, so that I have one installation of Visual Studio.

When I say “get it working”, I mean that you can install MonoGame on Windows 8.1 and Visual Studio 2013 without error (and don’t forget to run C:Program Files (x86)MonoGamev3.0oalinst.exe or else it will give you errors, later), but when you go to create a new project, there aren’t any project templates there for MonoGame.

So, I google it on Bing and run across this very helpful post on StackOverflow:

How do I install MonoGame into Visual Studio 2013?

That describes a few pieces of it, but this didn’t work completely for me. First, I only have VS2013 installed (and not any previous versions), so before you run the MonoGame installer (or before you run it a second time), go and manually create this directory:

C:Users[YourUserName]DocumentsVisual Studio 2012TemplatesProjectTemplatesVisual C#MonoGame

You you (re)run the installer, you will see that folder now has a bunch of .zip files in it, these are Visual Studio project templates. Copy those, and then create this directory for VS2013:

C:Users[YourUserName]DocumentsVisual Studio 2013TemplatesProjectTemplatesVisual C#MonoGame

And paste those files in there. Now re-launch Visual Studio 2013, and sure-enough, you now see the project templates:


When I try to create a new OpenGL project for example, and compile it, I get this error:


I searched around a bit, and I don’t really know what this file is. It shows up as a missing linked file in the root of the project. If I remove the reference, the project compiles and runs fine!

Assuming that doesn’t come back to haunt me, that’s all you need to do to get MonoGame working with Visual Studio 2013!

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