7D7W: Installing PostgreSQL on Mac OS X Mavericks

As discussed, I’m going through the 7 Databases in 7 Weeks book. The first database is PostgreSQL which is apparently pronounced “Post-gres-Q-L”. Again, I’m going to use Mac OS X for this first, because it’s not a strength of mine and secondly, because it had the most support for all of these languages and databases. Here is the download page for Mac OS X, there are several installation options:


I chose the graphical installer. Once downloaded, I double-clicked it and got an error that it won’t launch because it was a download from an unknown author. The way around that is to open the file in Finder, hold down the CTRL key, and then click and choose open. It will still give you a warning, but you can click OK to still open the file. Once I did that, I could kick off the installer (I just took all the defaults):


I didn’t know what Stack Builder is, so I left that checked. That launched this wizard:


This let’s you install some add-ons. The book wants me to install “tablefunc”, “dict_xsyn”, “fuzzystrmatch”, “pg_trgm”, and “cube” – and those weren’t in the list.

So, I googled that part and everyone said to install extensions like this, you need to run “CREATE EXTENSION [extension name]”. But wait, from where? There must be some GUI or command-line shell for this. So, I opened up finder, went into Applications and searched for “postgr” and there was a folder. I open that folder and voila!


I double-click that SQL Shell and:


I hit <enter> to take the defaults and for password, that is the password I typed in during the install. OK, looks like I’m in!

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