Current State of Cloud Drive Services (Jan 2014)

I’m re-evaluating what I’m using for cloud storage, so I went and did a search on what is available. As it turns out, there are many new services available. I found 10 that offered free cloud drive space. Below are my findings:

Name Free Win Mac Linux iOS Android Pi WP8 Kindle
Copy 15GB Y Y Y Y Y Y Y  
Google Drive 15GB Y     Y Y      
Box 10GB Y     Y Y   Y  
MediaFire 10GB Y     Y Y      
SymForm 10GB Y Y Y          
MiMedia 7GB Y Y   Y Y      
Amazon Cloud Drive 5GB Y     Y Y     Y
Apple iCloud 5GB Y Y   Y        
DropBox 2GB Y     Y Y     Y
Syncplicity 2GB                

For all of these, you can access them via a web browser on any platform. They all seem to have good, modern support for that. However, most had platform-specific apps, which are obviously ideal. The one exception was Syncplicity, which relies completely on the browser.

Anyhow, based off of this new research, it looks like I’m going to try out Copy. They offer the most amount of space, and it runs on everything!

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