Making sense of Azure pricing

I know I get some Azure allocation as part of BizSpark/MSDN – but how much? And how much do Azure resources cost? This has been a mind-numbing adventure for me, for quite some time. I could never really understand how all of that nebulous pricing worked.

However, I finally ended up opening a ticket with Microsoft support and got some answers! So, I wanted to write them down for Future-Robert, and for anyone else that might need this as well.

MSDN includes a $150 credit, per month, towards Azure services. You can use that credit however you wish.

How much do things cost? Well, they have this calculator, that is worth playing with:

So, let me give you my scenario. I host websites like,, and These need to be at least “Shared” instances to support having a domain pointed at them. I believe they have to be “Standard” instances if you also want to support SSL. Or, you could just spin up a server VM. Anyhow, how much does this cost?

From what I can gather, the robseder/, blog, and sedersoftware are all set to “Standard” and are hosted on one Website  Instance. How much does that cost? $74/month I think?


I don’t really know how those ended up that way. It might be because of WordPress? Meanwhile, I’m setting up some new sites. To simply point a domain at an Azure website, they need to be set up as “Shared”, at least – so how much does 2 “Shared” websites, where I can point a www domain to – cost? $19.35/month, I think.


What is the difference between Free, Shared, and Standard? I got this link that describes the capabilities and cost around each:

Now lastly, my intention is to bring up 2 servers for MongoDB. For that, I need to stand up a couple of virtual machines. How much would that cost? $29.76/month for both.


So, in theory – for me to run:

  • & (ASP.NET site)
  • (ASP.NET site)
  • (and pointer) – (WordPress site)
  • 2 new “shared” website instances (ASP.NET) for a new project
  • 2 small VM instances for a new project

How much does all of that cost?

$19.35 for the 2 shared instances, $74.40 for the 1 Standard instance, and $29.76 for the 2 new VM’s for MongoDB. That all comes to $123.51/month – and I get a $150/month allocation from MSDN.

This is pretty cool – I’m doing quite a bit on Azure, and it’s all be done under my allotment from MSDN (i.e. FREE, to me). So, hopefully some of this helps…

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One comment on “Making sense of Azure pricing
  1. Stephen Shamakian says:

    Nice! I forgot about the XS VMs those are pretty cheap! But it jumps massively on S and up 😦


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