Azure: site only works with or without “www”

I was setting up a new website instance today. With I first set up – I noticed that the site only came up with the www prefix, and it would not without it. On this new site, it was the other way around! It would come up with the URL formatted as but not with

I know how to fix this in IIS – this is the host-header binding. But how do you fix this on Azure?

Well, it turns out those CNAME entries that it wants you to create, is how it does its’ host-header mapping. You have to add one for “www” and one for “non-www”, like the following:

In other words, wherever you have your DNS hosted, you have to create an additional CNAME record so that both the www and the non-www map to your site. I hope that helps someone else – this took me forever to find!!

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