Here’s one use for a Raspberry Pi: computer on your TV

So, I picked up a Raspberry Pi. As you may be aware, this is basically a small little motherboard about the size of a credit card that runs Linux and has an HDMI connection. Here is the Pi in the top left, and a little keyboard/mouse thing I picked up for $18, and a WiFi USB dongle that I got for $12 (the CD is there for size reference):


So, what does this buy me? Well, I can hook it to my TV and I now have a lightweight “PC” connected to my main TV, which has internet access and that I control with that little wireless keyboard/mouse controller:


The Pi has 2 USB ports – one is used by the WiFi dongle and the other is used by the the keyboard/mouse “reciever” (which is stored in the the battery cover, by the way, if you get one and can’t find it)

So although I have other plans for this Pi, this alone is a pretty cool option if you are looking to dabble in the technology. Here’s what I got and it all “just works” with virtually no problems at ALL:

So, for $104, you can have a Linux computer hooked up to your TV, uses little power, and takes up very little space…. if you so desire.

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