WordPress on Azure misleading “gotcha” – it’s ClearDB.com

I’ve blogged before about how to move your WordPress blog over to Azure. Well, I just ran into an issue that cost money, and it’s pretty sneaky and under-handed, in my opinion.

The built-in template for creating a WordPress site on the Azure console wants to create a mySQL Database. In fact, that is the only option. Well, what they DON’T tell you is that instead of storing that database locally, it’s hosted from startup company: http://cleardb.com

By default, they give you a “free” mySQL database that is 20MB. If it goes over that amount, they block write access and force you to upgrade. This is also kind of messed up because I can set up a 1GB SQL Server for free in Azure. However, since that WordPress template is only set up for MySQL, that wasn’t an option.


SO – that means I’m left with two options: 1) pay the upgrade fee ($10/month) to ClearDB or 2) migrate and hand-craft a WordPress installation that runs off SQL Server, for free.

Either way, I think this was a bit misleading on the part of Microsoft. There was ZERO mention of ClearDB, any limit, or any potential cost anywhere. In fact, it took some significant searching just to find out who ClearDB was and how they were involved.


Now, I must either waste time or money to correct this. My message to ClearDB and Microsoft – tricking people into using your service is not a good business model

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4 comments on “WordPress on Azure misleading “gotcha” – it’s ClearDB.com
  1. […] you might remember these jokers from when I moved my WordPress site over to Azure. Azure said “Sure! C’mon over! It’ll be great!!” But then when my database went over 20MB, […]


  2. […] B) I found out after-the-fact that if you used more than 20MB of content on your blog, you HAD to use an external vendor (ClearDB) who charged money for hosting MySQL. Even though I had Azure credit to host it locally, I couldn’t. I ranted about that here if you’re interested. […]


  3. William Michael says:

    The ClearDB info is provided in the WebMatrix app gallery when one creates a WordPress site….clear as day.


    • Robert Seder says:

      You might be talking about something else. When you create a new WordPress site from Azure (which is what this post is about) – it mentions nothing about size limits or this 3rd party vendor.

      Can you clarify?


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