Using Kanban: “stop starting and start finishing”

Per my previous post, I’m digging into updating my Microsoft certifications. How do you organize all the work that needs to be done? Well, I’m using a Kanban-ish approach. I ran across this because I installed the “Eylean Tasks” app from the Windows 8 store (by

In the “Priorities” sample, they explained it pretty simply. This is simply a way to organize the work you need to do – and the stuff you are working on. It’s not really fancy or complicated, it’s simply AN approach.

Here is my interpretation (as I have it defined on


Summarized, you have:

  • Backlog – where you put your todo items, in random order
  • P1 – P3 – Priority 1 through 3. Take items from your backlog and put them into these categories. Put no more than a handful of things in each.
  • Active – pull up to TWO things from P1 and work on them. When complete, move them to Archive
  • Archive – where completed tasks go.

Now, I’m using for this, why? The main reason is that there are a zillion clients that sync with this System – and it’s all free. For example, in the Windows 8 App Store, there is the native Trello app, Task Boards, and Qool app that all that sync with Trello. There might be others. There are apps for Windows Phone that also talk to Trello, which means there are almost definitely Android and iOS apps too.

That means, similar to how I use Google Reader as the “database” and use various front-ends to sync the RSS feeds I read; the same thing can be done with my Kanban boards. It’s a very cool idea and well-executed.

So, how I’m organizing the work I need to do – is by using to store the data, and various client apps to actually use the data. So, to start, I created 3 boards for the 3 different certification projects I need to complete:


I hope some of this helps! Let me know if you have ideas or improvements that have worked for you!

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