My transition from laptop to Ultrabook

First – what is an Ultrabook? It’s basically a full-powered laptop that is <4lbs and is less than an inch thick. I say “full-powered”, in that is has a traditional processor – not an Atom or mobile processor.

My thought has always been: “I want a hearty laptop that can do everything, who cares how much it weighs!”.

Below is my new 2.4lb HP Envy and the 7.6lb Dell XPS 17:


Well, my latest laptop was a pretty new Dell XPS 17”. It’s billed as a “desktop replacement”, but I use it as a “laptop”. I am regularly annoyed at it though. First, it weighs 7.6lbs. Secondly, it gets WAY hot and the fan kicks in constantly. That, coupled with that enormous screen – I get like 2 hours of battery life. So, it’s portable – but not that portable. So, it’s REALLY heavy, hot and noisy, and I have no significant battery life.

I’ve been intrigued by Ultrabooks since they came out. This is the notion of a light, thin, AND fast computer. Now, light+thin has been out for a while in the form of a “netbook”, but they are woefully underpowered. Ultrabooks are basically larger netbooks, with real processing power. If it helps, you can think of it like this:


So, considering that I wanted some decent processing power (as a developer), I’ve been holding out on getting an Ultrabook due to price. However, something happened! Time happened!

There seem to be decently-powered Ultrabooks (perhaps last years model) that have come down in price dramatically. Typically, new Ultrabooks have been hovering at $1000 ranging to MUCH higher. However, now that there such a thing as “last years model” of Ultrabook, you can get some really great deals now.

Here are a bunch of Ultrabooks that are $350-600 at – and here’s the HP Envy I got from Amazon (although I got it at a better price, sorry!). People are even talking about NEW Ultrabooks starting at $699 too.

I’ve had this new HP Envy for a few days now and I am 100% happy with it. It turns out a few inches in screen size isn’t as big a deal as I’d thought. So for me, I think I’m done with the big, heavy laptops – and it’ll be Ultrabooks from here on out. As time goes on too, the price will come down (Intel says below $600 by end of year for new ones).

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