Understanding the math for Neural Networks

I’ve been very intrigued with what I’ve been learning about neural networks. However, when I try to dig into some facet, it’s explained with math formulas.

Ugh. I hate math.

Or do I? I have found that we (yes, all of us) make some decision when we are young and we tend to stick with it and never question it again. I think I decided when I was 15 that “I didn’t like math”. So, that is like basing my adult life off the decision-making ability and intelligence of a 15-year old.

So – I try to re-question beliefs. Interestingly, as I started digging into this math, it was actually fun! The lesson here – re-question your beliefs and make sure that your adult brain still agrees with those decisions!

Anyhow – if you are like me, you might be rusty on your algebra. Luckily, the internet knows it – and there are great resources. So, these are the playlists I’m working through – in chronological order:

  1. Pre-algebra (Khan Academy)
  2. Algebra (Khan Academy)
  3. Pre-calculus (Khan Academy)
  4. Calculus (Khan Academy)
  5. ..Skim the relevant courses (MIT openCourseWare)

Why MIT? They have really, really good professors! I didn’t really understand this concept until I watched some of these videos. I never really had the experience of a competent, interested professor who actually cares if you understand the material. So although some other universities have similar classes (Oxford, UMass Boston, Open University, etc), the MIT stand out as being really good.

The MIT courses above though are pretty advanced for me at the moment, so I need to bone-up on the basics first.

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