Sending an SMS text message or making a text-to-voice call from your application

Fellow code monkey Jamie mentioned to me that he ran across this site that will send text messages to mobile phones and can call you too. In fact, he did that by having a program he wrote, call my work number and dictate a message in a computerized voice.

So, I looked into it – the company is and as you can see, they offer this service for a free trial period, you just need to request a license key. Well, for PhoneNotify they offer like 50 free transactions with a trial key, and after that it’s like $9/month. Same with SMSNotify.

I requested a key for each, and wrote a simple program – it was very simple! These are SOAP-based web services, one is an .asmx and the other is a WCF endpoint. Either way, you right-click on your project and choose “Add Service Reference…”, point to the URL (for PhoneNotify and SMSNotify) and you are off and running. Once the proxies are in place, I wrote this code:

PhoneNotify API:

String numberToCall = "3520001111";
String textToSay = "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.";
String callerIdNumber = "3521110000";
String callerIdName = "This didn't work for me";
String voiceId = "1";
// Use:
// Voice[] voices = service.getVoices();
// to see all possible options for "voiceId"

String licenseKey = "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"; // Supplied by CDyne

CDyne.PhoneNotifyServiceReference.PhoneNotifySoapClient service =
new CDyne.PhoneNotifyServiceReference.PhoneNotifySoapClient();

service.NotifyPhoneBasic(numberToCall, textToSay, callerIdNumber,
callerIdName, voiceId, licenseKey)

SMSNotify API:

String phoneNumber = "3520001111";
String message = "This is a test";
Guid licenseKey =
new Guid("00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000");// Supplied by CDyne

CDyne.SmsNotifyServiceReference.IsmsClient service =
new CDyne.SmsNotifyServiceReference.IsmsClient();

service.SimpleSMSsend(phoneNumber, message, licenseKey);

Lastly, I am in no way affiliated with CDyne and I don’t have any immediate need to use this service, but I thought the idea was clever and was pleasantly surprised at how easy the API was to use, how reasonable the prices were and the salesperson was very responsive.

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