Creating Software vs Creating Music

I’ve always said that music “uses the same parts of my brain” as programming does. However, I didn’t realize just how much of an overlap there is! I recently got my humble recording studio back up and running. It dawned on my just how similar writing/recording music is to developing software:

  • They both use a complicated editor to work on a project. Sonar X1 vs Visual Studio
  • They both have source files that you create and work on.
  • You typically work out something slowly to get it working, then test it at full-speed.
  • They both are based around the idea of getting multiple “things” to interact in a correct when, when running at full-speed
  • They both involve a lot of creativity of how to implement an idea

So, to me – these hobbies of mine are far more similar than I realized. For each of them, I sit down in front of a computer and open up an editor and work on my project. I open source files and debug things that aren’t right, etc.

Anyhow, I just thought I’d share!

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