Setting up WordPress and LiveWriter for code

It seems that the last several blog posts, I’ve fought with LiveWriter as it would butcher any code that I tried to paste in. The frustrating part is the code looks formatted in LiveWriter, but when it posted, it would be all-kinds of messed up. If I Open the blog post back into LiveWriter, it continues to format correctly in Live Writer, but looks messed up on the web page. Very frustrating.

I decided to get to the bottom of this, as it frustrated me every time!

In Live Writer, under the “Insert” ribbon, there is a “Add plug-in” option:


I clicked “Add plug-in” and first tried the “Insert code” plug-in. That did not work. It rendered out the CSS to format the code, as in-line text.

I next tried the Code Snippet one. That too butchered the format. However, this one had more options. I realized that if I “embed” the styles, that seems to work (actual example below):

/// <summary>
/// Example XML code comments.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="someArgument">An important argument.</param>
public void TestMethod(String someArgument)
Int32 value = 123;

I even have some additional options (actual example below):

   1: /// <summary>

   2: /// Example XML code comments.

   3: /// </summary>

   4: /// <param name="someArgument">An important argument.</param>

   5: public void TestMethod(String someArgument)

   6: {

   7:     Int32 value = 123;

   8: }

So the bottom line is, if you’ve been fighting with Live Writer and formatting Visual Studio code, check out this add-in for Live Writer:

Then, make sure to at least set the “Embed Styles” option:


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