What the Internet is doing right (imho)!!

As I mentioned, I just got an iPad. I was really pleasantly surprised to see several staple applications available. What these companies are doing, is they are offering their apps on ALL platforms. The ones below run (at LEAST) on iPad, Kindle, Windows Phone 7, Windows, and over the web. That is so awesome, because I can pickup on one device where I left off on another! Here is my round-up of commonly-used apps:

  • Evernote (www.evernote.com) kind of like a poor-man’s OneNote
  • Wunderlist (www.wunderlist.com) basically, a todo list
  • Dropbox (www.dropbox.com) a “file share” on the internet where you can have public and private files.
  • Netflix (www.netflix.com) streaming works on EVERYthing, including Roku and XBox360 too!
  • Skype (www.skype.com) for video calls
  • Angry Birds (www.angrybirds.com) really smart that they put it on everything, including Roku too! Unlike Draw Something, only available on iOS and Android, not Kindle and not WP7!
  • EBay – there is a native EBay app available for everything!
  • Amazon – there is a native Amazon app available for every platform!
  • Kindle – the kindle reading app, works great on all platforms
  • PluralSight (www.pluralsight.com) if you have a subscription, they have a native app that runs on all these platforms too

So, as a regular user of these apps, I just think it’s such a smart idea that these companies made versions of their apps that just run on anything, and where they all sync up to one place out on the internet. Very smart, and very helpful/awesome for me!

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