Moving from TFS to

As discussed, I decided to outsource my source control to a public site that allows private repositories. The idea is that I get the benefits of source control (backed up, versioned, etc) – but don’t have the overhead of something like TFS.

So –, offering by Atlassian, lets you have unlimited private repositories for free! I started to move over some of my projects. First, I needed to install some software. I installed TortoiseHG as described on their site:

I got nothing but errors and nothing worked. I then installed VisualHG from the Tools –> Extension Manager window:


Between the two, it worked. On BitBucket – I created a private repository, specified Mercurial as the type. Then, I opened a command line, changed to the source directory and did something like:

hg clone

It prompted me for my bitbucket password, and that got it wired up. Now, in Visual Studio, when I right-clicked on the solution, I was able to right-click on the solution, choose VisualGH –> Synchronize. This too prompted me for my password and it pushed up the files to the server.

Now, I can check in and check out – and push up new versions to bitbucket. It’s a little clunky – but it’s fast, it works, and it’s free!

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