Microsoft Surface camera pixels – wow

I’ve been interested in the different ways that have evolved to do multi-touch on computers. The other day, I saw a segment on AOTS that showcased the new Microsoft Surface technology called “PixelSense”:

Jessica Chobot Visits the Microsoft Campus (video starts around 3:05)

What is remarkable about it is this single statement:

“…along with the display pixels, we’ve put a camera pixel next to them…there’s red, green, blue pixels, then there’s a camera pixel next to them, and there’s 2 million of them across the display…”

This means that the Microsoft Surface display is basically a very high-resolution, real-time scanner. The idea is pretty ingenious and the results and potential are amazing! Here is some more written up on this “Pixel Sense” technology:

Microsoft’s Next-Gen Surface Uses Every Pixel Like a Tiny Camera

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