First look at Windows 8!

I, along with many others have said that the Windows user interface needs a makeover to be touch friendly. I have a iPad-ish type Windows tablet that runs WIndows 7 and it is just not practical. I even talked with a few other developers about writing a pretty WPF front-end/shell for Windows that would be touch-friendly. Well luckily for me, Microsoft is already on it. They clearly “get” that they need to embrace touch screens!

Here’s an article describing the new OS:

and here is a high-resolution walkthrough of some of the newest features:

It looks very impressive and looks like they did a great job!! I can’t wait to get my hands on this!


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2 comments on “First look at Windows 8!
  1. habib058 says:

    Windows 8 will, if Microsoft’s hardware partners come up with good designs, provide business users and the huge community of ‘content creators’ with a tablet-sized device that has a full touch-based user interface, an ability to run standard Windows productivity tools and business applications, and the ability to connect to, and communicate with, a plethora of computing peripherals.


  2. Rob Seder says:

    Haha – good point! Microsoft could also very much botch this too. They seem to keep wasting these golden oppurtunities – like with mobile, and with the tablet revolution.

    In the end though, I think Microsoft has the hardest job. It’s easy for iOS and Android to make touch-friendly “read-only” devices where you are consuming what has already been made. On a Windows pc though, that is where people CREATE and modify information, which will be more difficult on a touch device. Of course, Microsoft will likely get the blame, but honestly, they are likely the only ones to really address this.


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