On hiatus…

For those that used to follow my blog, you might note that I’ve dropped off from posting regularly. I’m in the last 4 weeks now of my last semester of school before I graduate with my stupid bachelors that I should’ve gotten a couple of decades ago. I have been struggling with juggling that with my other responsibilities.

So, rather than continue to try to do all the things I would like to do, I’m officially putting my blog posts on hold for a month (or, the expectation, I should say).

When school is over, I expect to get back to my normal schedule (around one post/week or more). If it helps, I have continued to work on very interesting things. In fact, here are some topics of things I plan to post about and have been working on, while not posting here:

  • The Repository Pattern – I have evolved a pretty elegant way to implement the repository pattern over an Entity Frameworks model, which makes it incredibly simple to create CRUD screens – I’ll post my code for this.
  • When coupled with the implemented pattern above, I’ve developed a pretty easy way to do pageable, sortable, AJAX-loaded-via-JQuery data grids in MVC (Kevin, I haven’t forgot about you, this is coming!) – which I will also publish.
  • The .NET MicroFramework – I wanted to sum-up and publish some of the reusable code that I’ve developed for working with NETMF so far.
  • “The new ASP.NET” blog series – I owe 3 more posts as part of this: http://robseder.wordpress.com/2010/12/23/the-new-asp-net-part-1-of-7-getting-started/

So, once I finish up with school, I plan to dig back in and share some of this really fun stuff I’ve been learning and messing with – see ya then!

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