Right-click, Use IIS Express? Not yet.

In mvcConf today, IIS Express was showcased a couple of times and people were doing right-click on the project and choosing a menu item of "Use IIS Express" – or by going into project properties, and choose IIS Express as an option.

Well, after banging my head against the wall and scouring the Internet, I finally noted that this feature is available in VS2010 SP1 (which as of this writing, is in Beta). So, that’s why you won’t see it.

If you want to use IIS Express with pre-Beta 1, here’s what I came up with:

Add an External Tool to Launch IIS Express:
Click on the Tools menu item, then External Tools, then add an entry like this:


Launch IIS Express:
Then, you select your web project in Solution Explorer, click Tools, then the menu item:


That pops a window like this:


Update Your Project:
Now, go into your project properties, then the Web tab – and choose "custom" web server:


I couldn’t get debugging working with this though. Even when I launch VS2010 as administrator, I get:


If you uncheck "ASP.NET" in the Debuggers section of the "Web" tab of project properties, that let’s the app start, but there isn’t any debugging. I guess maybe we should wait for SP1 to come out….

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