Why aren’t there more female software developers?

I ran across this blog post and you gotta check out the epic comments!!

My Experiences as a Female Software Engineer

The original post was actually pretty thoughtful and interesting. The comments run the gamut however, from idiotic to thoughtful! What’s the real answer? I don’t know.

I know that every place I’ve worked, only a small portion of developers were female. I wouldn’t say that it’s (primarily) about discrimination though. After having looked through stacks and stacks of resumes, I’d see like 1 in maybe 40-50 resumes that were for a female. When looking to hire someone new, I’ve never personally ran into a case where anyone was even slightly opposed to hiring a female developer. In fact, I think it’s probably preferred. They are typically easier to work with, and smell nicer!

Likewise, I’ve never personally heard of any stories where a female developer has run into discrimination. Then again, I don’t think I’ve asked many people either. It also seems that prejudice like that is such an “old” idea, held by small-minded people. People who work in the tech industry I think are inherently open to change – you have to be! So, I wonder how big a role prejudice plays?

In my opinion, it seems that this is just the natural course of things. There are certainly many aspects to the software engineer lifestyle that can be unappealing to many women, that is probably part of it. I do think if more women pursued this career though, they would find work. I think there aren’t many female software developer working because not as many pursue this career. I do think that because men and women often approach a problem differently, the field would be much better off having more women – I’m certain of that. I’ve worked on many programming puzzles with some very skilled female developers, and that sort of “metal diversity”, if-you-will, has only ever helped!

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