Adding Bing Maps to your application

First, on an administrative note – school is out for the next month or so. I have several programming projects queued up and expect to get back to a regular blogging schedule.

Coincidentally, two programming projects have the need for some basic mapping functionality. So I decided to look and see: “Just how complicated is it to add a Google or Bing map to my site?”.

I found this page:

Developing a .NET Application Using Bing Maps SOAP Services

I followed the directions and it took me about 7.5 minutes to get an address-specific map to show up on a sample web page. Pretty cool!

In short, here’s what you need:

  • Go to Bing Maps Portal ( and create a new license key
  • Create a web service proxy for the 4 Bing services (Geocode, Search, Imagery, and Route)
  • Fill out some basic information and make the web service call.

Very simple and easy to use!

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