Exchange server mailbox and POP3 syntax

I have several blog posts queued up, but school has got me quite behind at the moment. Anyhow, this came up today, so I wanted to write it down – because I’m pretty sure it’s not written down anywhere else on the internet, that I could find.

Suppose you’re writing POP3 functionality, and you are connecting to an Exchange server. Exchange server has the ability to have a service mailbox that isn’t associated to one ID, but instead several people people have access to it. If you are connecting from POP3, how to you specify this? The POP3 RFC doesn’t support the idea of additional mailboxes once you are logged in.

The answer is to issue the USER command with DomainUserNameMailboxName. For example, you might issue:


and then use the password for rseder. This will authenticate you with Exchange server as CONTOSOrseder, but will open the “Sales” mailbox.

Again, I just wanted to write this down since it wasn’t easy to find!!

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