Instapaper + Kindle = Coolness!

First, hopefully you’re familiar with Instapaper. This solves a very specific issue that is near-and-dear to me, that is: “keeping up with the tsunami of non-stop information. When I go through Twitter and get caught up, I will typically click on several links. I won’t have time to read them, the browser will be open for days – and at some point I either accidentally close the browser or something crashes the browser, and I lose them all. This happens to me over, and over, and over. So, with Instapaper, I have a “shortcut” on my Links bar in IE that says “Read Later”. That runs a Javascript command and saves the current URL to my Instapaper profile. Then, later when I have time, I log into Instapaper and have a list of all my queued up links. I can then delete them once I’ve checked them out. Brilliant!!!

Ok, next – what do you know, Instapaper has a way to compile your list into Kindle format and send it to your Kindle (via the special e-mail address for your device). You can set the schedule of how often, etc. Very cool. I just set this up and it works quite nicely. On my kindle, it looks like one big document with the content that I need to read. Optionally, I can click to open the link in the Kindle browser which is a little….. hinky. But, it works. Anyhow, if you have a Kindle and if Instapaper is for you, check it out!!

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