School update: light at the end of the tunnel?

For anyone that’s heard me moan and groan about school, I’m in the process of making my schedule for the fall semester. In talking with my advisor, I basically have 33 credits left (11 classes) that I need to complete. Four classes, I think are needed for my concentration or for the certificate program I’m incidentally doing, and the rest are electives.
Considering that most of these classes are "accelerated" courses that are 8-weeks, and in the past I’ve taken upto 6 classes in a semester, that means I *could* be in the home stretch. In theory, I could actually graduate with my stupid bachelors degree at the end of the spring semester! That would literally be 20 years after I graduated from high school!! That is, if I go nuts. Now that I’m taking all 3xx and 4xx classes, the workload is pretty obnoxious. So, that may not be possible.
Another big variable is that I’m at a point where I can take my capstone class too – but there is no syllabus for it and no information that I could find. I e-mailed the professor, but haven’t heard back yet. From what I hear from others, this could end up being a big deal on it’s own, so maybe I shouldn’t take a heavy classload while I’m taking this? Bottom line, I’m going to wait to hear back about this capstone course, and then commit my schedule (school starts on 8/30). I can’t tell you how exciting it is to be this much closer to completing this goal once and for all!
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