Milestone: Associate in Science


Alright, it’s a modest milestone, but after many years since I started going to college, I finally finished a degree. As of July 31, I graduated the Associate in Science program at Charter Oak State College! I started back at school in spring of 2009, and completed most of my classes except for one, earlier this year. Over the summer term, I took the last requirement I needed for the A.S. degree.

I also incidentally completed the Computer Security Certificate Program, and will incidentally complete the Leadership in Health Care Administration Certificate Program in the fall too, I just need 1 more class for that.

Meanwhile, I continue to take classes towards a B.S., which I hope to complete (I think?) at the end of the Spring 2011 semester. I’m waiting for my advisor to come back from vacation to confirm. That is also if I go crazy with taking a lot of classes. I did that with 1xx and 2xx level classes, but I’m seeing now that the requirements for a 3xx and 4xx class are almost exponentially more, so that may not be possible. Like last semester, a class had like ~120 pages of reading, a 2-page APA paper, 20-question quiz, and 6 discussion board questions we had to do every week. If I take 3 classes at a time like that, that’s a hefty amount of work outside of my day job. I guess we’ll see.

My ultimate goal once that B.S. is completed is to complete the Computer Information Technology Masters Program at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) – but that is still a ways away. Meanwhile, I’m just enjoying my last few weeks of freedom before the spring semester starts on 8/30!

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