3G Hotspot/Tethering with the Droid X

So for the first time, I tried the tethering option on the Droid X. Let me summarize: on the phone, you click "3G Mobile Hotspot" – set up a WPA2 password, then click the checkbox to start the access point. Once set up, you’d only need to do the 1st and 3rd step.
Meanwhile, on my laptop, I see a new wireless access point with an SSID of "Verizon DROIDX 5453". I connect, put in the WPA2 password and I have an internet connection.
Wow! It was literally that simple. It took like :30 seconds! Internet response seemed pretty OK. I went to dslreports.com to check the speed. With 3-4 bars of "3G" signal, I got:
433kbps download
347kbps upload
Not bad for what this is. So if you need a reasonable internet connection in a pinch, and you need to do something that phone doesn’t already do (it already does e-mail, browser, use amazon or ebay, etc pretty well) – then this is a totally reasonable alternative to use. It literally couldn’t be easier to use.
Man-alive, I continue to be really impressed with this phone!!
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