Installing Mono on Ubuntu Linux, to do .NET duh-velopment

I got carried away on another tangent earlier. I was messing around with Ubuntu Linux on a VirtualBox, and I wanted to see what was involved in installing mono and doing .NET development on Linux.

So I started in the logical place: – “Mono” is the actual equivalent of the “.NET Framework”, and “Mono-develop” is the main development IDE, like Visual Studio.

I first started by downloading a “Source Code Tarball” from – I didn’t really know what to do with that. I tried the regular things with “make” and trying to run an install or build of some sort. Then, I re-read that page and it said that this was available from

So, I go there and it explained how to enable this site as a software “source”. I then when into the package manager and chose to install it:


Afterwards… um… well, I can’t find it. Not on the file system, nor under the main desktop menu. I’ve been “mostly” familiar with setting up Linux for many years, but I still don’t get the whole “download the source, build it on YOUR machine, and just execute a file”. It’s all so manually-intensive and clearly not geared for a “user” who just wants to use the software. Very annoying.

Anyhow, so I end up going into the “Ubuntu Software Center”, and it’s available there too:


OK, it says it’s installed, and now there is a new menu on the desktop menu:


Sure enough, it works!



Cool, we have intellisense and everything! I also tried to create a regular ASP.NET application. I hit F5 and got an error:


This is probably as far as I’ll go with this right now, because I was just curious. But I thought I’d post this info in case others are curious!

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