JQuery training wheels!

If you’re link me and/or if you fought in the Browser Wars in the 1990’s, you probably have JavaScript battle-scars and don’t really like manually coding anything on the client anymore. After all, there are still skirmishes to this day with: IE, FireFox, Safari, Chrome, plus nevermind all the browsers that work on all the various phones. Probably half of my professional life in the late 1990’s/earlly 2000’s was wasted on writing extra code, to make sure some pretty HTML would show correctly in IE and in Netscape.
Despite this, Microsoft is clearly shifting away from postback/viewstate style web pages and heading towards an MVC approach. That means, at least for the foreseeable future, that you can’t rely on a "server control" to write out browser-specific javascript for you, you have to write it out yourself! It seems this is one of those cases where we all have to take a couple of steps backwards, in order to take one step forward (but I’m not bitter!). All I mean is, I assume in a couple of years when MVC (on ASP.NET) matures a bit, we can go back to automating client-side code, but until then – it’s back to the trenches!!
So how do you do pretty things in HTML nowadays? There seems to be a big following for JQuery, which claims to make some of this easier – and can help deal with browser compatibility issues for you.  @ScottGu tweeted this link, which is really great. If you know a little javascript and want to get a quick, technical overview of what JQuery can do, check out this slide show – oh, and it seems like it should, but I’m pretty sure there is no sound:
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