The final word on webhosts + a great FTP client!

OK, so I got all my hosting figured out, let me explain what I found out in the process:
As discussed, things went extremely poorly after my transition to the new servers. I had sites that were down or broken for weeks. No one on tech support could help me, but I was always promised a callback “within 24-48 hours” but the calls never came. It was just really bad. In the end, I ended up looking for a new host, and now I need to cancel my old account. I found this website:

which is a collection of many other unhappy customers. From there, I ended up writing “Gary” an e-mail, who’s the “Sr. Vice President, Sales and Customer Support” at WH4L. I was surprised to get a response back. He noted that for the people that had bad experiences, there were 10’s of thousands whose migration went OK. Anyhow, he is literally the first person I’ve spoken to at that company who seems to care even the slightest bit. My account is closed, I’m just waiting to see if my refund goes through. Gary said he would make sure it did. If it doesn’t, then I’m definitely taking things to the next level with these guys!

So bottom line, used to be fantastic. Since they were bought out, I’ve only seen the worst service I’ve ever seen, from any company, ever… and that was a tough thing to top! This is a living, breathing example of what people talk about: “bad managers will hire bad employees”, and the next thing you know, you have a company that is rotting from the inside. I hope Gary can help me out, but I don’t think even his good intentions stand a chance at that place, it seems to be collapsing on itself from the incompetence!

I don’t recommend these guys.
As I’ve been looking around for a new web host, lots of people point to DiscountASP.NET. In fact, it won several reader’s choice awards. After looking around, it seemed like that was about my best bet. I ordered up some service and that went smooth. I soon discovered that I couldn’t host any more than one website, from a single webhosting account! I have 3 domains I need to host. I contacted support (who responded quickly) and they confirmed, I would need to sign up for 2 additional web hosting accounts.

Ultimately, I ended up cancelling this service – and they issued me a refund in the same day. So my business with them is complete. If you only have 1 domain to host, the price, customer service, tech support, and control panel were all pretty good, so I’d recommend these guys – they just weren’t a match for what I needed.
I ended up googling for something like “multiple domains” and web-hosting, etc and I ran across WebHostForASP.NET. They support .NET 4.0, have a plan that allows 3 domains/websites and I could get a hold of pre-sales support right away. so, I pulled the trigger and signed up there! They had my account set up in like an hour, competent tech support was available via chat, instantly, and everything went incredibly smooth! If interested, you can go to or if you want to give me the referral, here’s the link:

either way, this web host looks to be quite good. Absolutely everything has been smooth from: pre-sales, tech support, control panel, the affiliate program, etc. 2 of my sites are back up with no problems, just waiting for DNS updates for the 3rd one.


A good FTP client!
I needed an FTP client to move my files up to the webhost. Since WS_FTP is now a pay product, I was looking for a free FTP client. I ran across “FileZilla”. It’s actually a pretty good product and is full-featured too. Maybe it is possible to have open-source software, also be high-quality?!

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