Webhosting (and Azure) update…

Ok, so I went through the whole list here (http://www.asp.net/find-a-hoster) and did a bunch of research on my own too. The main thing is that I couldn’t find anyone who has any immediate plans to install .NET 4.0. So, I ended up signing up with www.discountasp.net, who do have .NET 4.0 available. Well, as it turns out, you can only host exactly one domain, per user account with them. So, I would need to actually create 3 separate accounts (I confirmed this with support). you might think that is a bit unreasonable, but that’s still cheaper than the next cheapest web-host.
So, I figured now would be a good time to look into Windows Azure, since I’ve been really impressed with what I’ve seen so far. So, I tried to research how to set up an account and see the pricing and… that’s where things got bad. Basically, everything points to a page like this:
Um… so how much is it a month? What does this "instance per hour" cost mean?? And how do I actually connect and upload my application? Well, I ended up calling into the support number. I was transferred a couple of times until I got someone who was vaguely familiar. I have some of the answers…. Here’s basically how it works:
  • An "instance" is basically a virtual machine. Open the "Compute Instances" roll-up on the page above, for more detail. So, so long as that instance is running, you are paying that rate. This means for the smallest configuration, you pay $0.12/hour. So if your website was up every hour in the month, that is $0.12 x 24 hours x 30 days = $86.40/month – just for the computer to host your site.
  • Then you have to pay storage (a fixed $0.15/month for up to 1GB)
  • Then you have to pay for "storage transactions" – which I don’t know what that is. Is that straight I/O (i.e. disk read/writes)?
  • Then you pay $0.15 per GB of bandwidth that you use
  • Then there costs associated if you are going to use SQL Azure, etc, etc…

But basically, pricing for the smallest setup with Azure starts at ~$85 and quickly goes up from there.

Bottom line, I’m planning on getting another couple of separate hosting accounts from www.discountasp.net for the other domains I have – unless anyone else can recommend a shared hosting vendor that supports .NET 4.0 and allows more than 1 domain, per hosting account? Let me know!!

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One comment on “Webhosting (and Azure) update…
  1. James says:

    Rob – I am going to try this…http://www.winhost.com/


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