WebHost4life.com – end of an era…

I’ve found that when it comes to webhosting – pretty much every single webhost offers pretty much the same features. So, the deciding factor has always been "how is their customer service". Because honestly, if you don’t have an effective and efficient way to manage problems with your site, then the webhost is useless – as I’m experiencing this the hard way, now!
With that said, I’ve hosted many, many domains from webhost4life.com. I’ve been a customer since I think  around 1999 or 2000 or so. In fact, I’ve gone out of my way to recommend them over the years, and over a dozen people got accounts there (and I got some commission too :-). That was all well and fine, because they had top-notch support – so I had no problem recommending them, they were the best webhost I found, or heard of. You could call in 24/7 and every person I spoke with was competent (this is over the course of like 10 years, too!). They obviously had competent management, who hired competent workers.
All that changed earlier this year. They were bought out by…. well, I can’t quite seem to figure that out. Several of the domains are registered to the same physical address, but with different company names. Regardless, this was not a transition for the better. I’ve been slowly trying to transition my 3 domains to the new data center for the past few months. I’ve called in perhaps 8-10 times now, and have reached an ignorant, incompetent, unpleasant person just about every time. I stepped it up a few days ago when "a supervisor" was going to "personally handle" this, and get back to me within 24 hours. That was on Monday afternoon (it’s now the following Sunday afternoon).
So last night, I still haven’t heard from anyone, so I called back in and spoke with another "supervisor" who’d never heard of the first guy. He too promised to "personally handle" this. I told him if I didn’t hear from him by close of business on Tuesday, I’m closing my account – he agreed this was more than reasonable. To put this in perspective, I told him I needed .NET 4.0 on my server too. He responded with "Ok.. um.. that was the… framework? Microsoft four-oh?? right?".  I understand not everyone uses Microsoft technologies, but isn’t "the Microsoft .NET Framework" a well-known term if you do anything with computers in the civilized world? I don’t use Java, and I’ve heard of a "Java Virtual Machine"!
Anyhow – I fully expect them to drop the ball. So, I’ve been shopping for a new webhost. I seem to find many, many places that point to www.discountasp.net – and they’ve apperently won several "readers choice" awards. If anyone has any recommendations for a decent ASP.NET webhost that supports .NET 4.0 please let me know. Otherwise, I’m considering using them when this webhost4life.com situation fails! It’s such a shame, these guys had the right formula dialed in for about 10 years – this was a step in the wrong direction! Oh well…
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2 comments on “WebHost4life.com – end of an era…
  1. Unknown says:

    I went through the same thing, Robert, but thankfully I jumped ship from WH4L immediately. I moved my sites and databases to Arvixe and they have been great. I wrote about my last days with WebHost4Life http://imabev.blogspot.com/


  2. Robert says:

    Anthony, I couldn’t find a way to contact you, but I did see your blog post, and in those comments – it linked to http://webhost4lifecustomers.ning.com/ – what a goldmine for fellow victims!! Thanks for posting!! -Rob


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