Windows Server AppFabric

Well, as discussed, so far I’m quite impressed with what I’ve seen of Windows Azure. This is Microsofts version of "the cloud" and this is the notion of offering infrastructure and application support in a ubiquitious… cloud-like way, where it’s just "there, around you", and infinitely expandable. This also means that things like queues are these general "things" that are available to you, but you don’t know much about physically how or where they are implemented. This also means you can host WCF services and WF workflows too.
It seems as though Microsoft has taken that notion of how Azure works and are releasing this as a separate product called Windows Server AppFabric which is currently in beta:
from what I understand, this is basically an application server, the first real application server from Microsoft. Not only does this seem quite interesting for enterprise-use, this would also mean it would be virtually effortless to go from hosting your application internally on your servers, using AppFabric, to hosting the app up in the cloud via Windows Azure since it would literally use the same underlying application server software. This is yet another smart aspect of Azure, which continues to impress me!
Anyhow, it looks like this is becoming available tomorrow (May 20th, 2010), and they have a launch website for this too:
it will be interesting to see pricing and/or if something like this will be available to MSDN subscribers. I guess we’ll find out – they have a launch event set for 5/20/2010 @ 8:30am PT. Should be interesting!!
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